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  • Change Agents - Seizing Divine Opportunities

    11/29/15 - What we see as a challenge- God sees as an opportunity to test our faith. Over the years we have seen a series of challenges and in retrospect each of those problems has been a door to opportunity. In this message we learn a few things about Seizing Divin

  • The Gratitude Zone

    11/22/15 - In this message we learn about the benefits of an attitude of gratitude. When we enter the gratitude zone, we maintain peace in our relationships, adopt the right mindset and live on purpose for God.

  • Beyond Now #2- How Ready Are You?

    11/15/15 - We learn from God’s word that we must be ready- because Jesus is coming back at an hour we do not expect. The fact that we are not told the date and time means that we cannot wait to prepare ourselves for His return. We must not only live in anticipation

  • Beyond Now #1 - How close are we?

    11/08/15 - God doesn’t tell us the specific route each of us will take between now and His return, He also has not made known to us the day or the hour, but His return is a moment that marks our final destination point. Are you ready? Are you grounded in the Word of

  • Releasing Resurrection Power - Mark 5:21-23,35-43

    11/01/15 - In this message we see a miracle in which Jesus demonstrates His resurrection power and we learn about what is possible when we are not FEAR driven but FAITH driven.

  • The Chase #4 - Lesson's from a misaligned heart

    10/25/15 - This week we finish our series on the book of Jonah and learn that God will arrange teachable circumstances in our life to realign us with his heart.

  • The Chase #2 - Lessons from the Bottom

    10/11/15 - Maybe you’re going through a painful season in your life right now. Maybe you are in a season where God has never seemed further away, or your circumstances have never been more difficult. In this message we learn that God sometimes allows us to experien

  • The Chase #1 - Running in the Storm

    10/04/15 - Often when we are running away there is an “away” but not a real “to.” We all have a tendency to run from something. Our fears, responsibility, failures, commitment…. but running from God is very serious, there are consequences not only for yourself but a

  • Fan or Follower? - Counting the Cost

    09/27/15 - Jesus was preparing a core of real disciples. Wanting to make sure they were prepared to count the cost and are ready for this journey. They needed to know the difference between fair weather fan or authentic follower. Sometimes telling the difference