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  • Set Free/ Stay Free #5

    07/26/15 - Many times we when God is calling us to live into freedom we choose to make excusing instead of just making the decision to serve him. Although it may be hard, we are called to love others as he has loved us.

  • Set Free/ Stay Free #4

    07/19/15 - The Galatians had been set free from paganism and worldliness and now were being re-enslaved into a new form of slavery: legalism. The new ŇMasterÓ was the Mosaic Law. Paul reminds them that they have been called to live as children of God and not slave

  • Set Free/ Stay Free #3

    07/12/15 - There is a real fight for your freedom. There is an enemy seeking to keep us in a certain place- in the midst of his lies and deception. So we need to arm ourselves with the truth- mentioned as the first piece of our weaponry (Armor of God)-because all th

  • Set Free/ Stay Free #2

    07/08/15 - In Chapter 2 of Galatians Paul explains that the new faith in Chris is not to be just as demanding as the old one. We are saved by Grace through Faith in Christ Jesus, a gift we could never earn, not through our own works. Also, we cannot claim to be righ

  • Set Free/ Stay Free #1

    06/28/15 - Many of us today have heard and believe that we are free but spiritual Judaizers have visited us and told us of new ways to serve God. They gently lay chains on our shoulders and put shackles on our hands and tell us it's ok, you're still saved, loved by

  • Fight the Good Fight - Father's Day 2015

    06/21/15 - Some 24.7 million American children (36.3 percent) live without their biological fathers. Only 60 percent of these children have seen their fathers in the past year. Lets discuss action steps that accompany men who are stepping into godly manhood. DonŐt b

  • In His Image #5 Who Are You Working For?

    06/14/15 - How do you change your work into ministry? It begins with how you view your work. The new reality is that you ultimately work for, with and in God-- not for man. Our quality of work and work ethic is a reflection of the God that we serve. We are a reflect

  • In His Image #4 Parenting Your Child's Heart

    06/07/15 - What can you do to build relationship with your children? This parenting passage is sandwiched between what it means to be filled with the Spirit and have a good marriage and at the other end Spiritual warfare and the armor of God. Keep in mind rules with

  • In His Image #3 Renewing Marriage

    05/31/15 - The beauty of GodŐs plan for the marriage relationship is that it answers our deepest needs. A wife's greatest need is to be secure in the love of her husband. A husband's greatest need is to be respected by his wife. I believe God made us that way. He cr